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Sailboat Handicap:Rating Calculation

ByPN SailBoat rig size. With reference to the ByCN handicap listings, if you would like to add your data to improve our database (as more/better data can amend a Class Number) and to get a specific boat handicap then complete the following form. It's basically a free service but if you want a priority response ByPN rating then a donation is required.

Don't be 'put off' by all the questions!

Our web listings include a selection of several hundred boats, but we have data on several thousand different boat classes; many of these have numerous variations that effect a boat's rating/handicap.

It's often just the options/differences from the base class that we need to be told.

We probably know most of the main detail already, please enter boat/rig measurements in metres or decimal feet (not feet and inches so as to make it simpler/quicker to process).
If you have other information that could influence the boat's performance then just add it to the Notes section.
The boat's handicap:rating is returned in an email along with the data you provide, if a 'copy to' address is provided then the email is sent to both addresses. Presenting this email to a race organisor allows your boat's declared configuration to be clearly seen, many check this information for those who are race/prize winners and may penalise if incomplete/incorrect, so better to be safe than sorry ...
A number of race organisors/clubs prefer an email direct from ourselves to assure originality, just enter their email in the 'copy to' field; if you already have a handicap:rating email then just add any changed data plus answer additional questions. Renewal/confirmation emails along with a financial contribution get priority treatment.
Your Email address:
Copy to: Email (if needed)
Owner Name:
Town, Country:
Sailing Club/Area (if any):
Sailing Club website (if any):
Best web address for Boat Class,
 detail and dimensions:
Boat Class/builder/type:
Boat Name:
Sail Letters / Numbers:
Build Year / Hull Series:
Units are measured in:
Boat Length (LOA):
Hull Length (HOA):
Waterline Length (LWL):
Boat Max.Beam:
Boat Max.Draft:
Lift Min.Draft in Notes below.

Boat Empty Displacement:
Boat Sailing Displacement:
Boat Hull is:
Hull Construction:
Weight of Internal Ballast:
(describe in Notes )
Boat Keel(s):
Keel Material:
Keel/External ballast Weight:
Fuel Tank Capacity:
Hull fit out:
Rig Type:
Mast Material:
Air Draft: (Mast Height to DWL)
Fore Stay triangle I:
 (vertical from sheerline at mast)

Fore Stay triangle J: (stay to mast)
Head Sail K: (Luff Perpendicular)
Head Sail Luff length L:
 (sail: not forestay length)
Head Sail Furl/Reef:
Main Sail (mast band) P:
Main Sail (boom band) E:
Main Sail Battens/Roach:
Total sail area: (exclude spinnaker):
Sail Material:
Spinnaker(s): (do ensure all
are declared, use notes below if needed:
Symmetric spinnaker Area:
Asym/code sail or gennaker Area:
Your Boat's handicap number: (+source):
Handicap needed for event or club/series:
includes any extra sail detail/sizes etc.


Clicking on the above 'Send Request' button submits your handicap/rating request to our 'free list', after we receive your data a confirmation page is shown which also provides you with the opportunity to make a donation. Please use PayPal to help us fund this work and to ensure that your request form is prioritised.
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