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2016 Handicap/Rating Calculation

With reference to the Boat handicaps selection.
If you would like to add your data to improve our database
(as more/better data can amend a Class Number)
and get a specific boat handicap/rating then:-

Complete and send this form, it's FREE
for a priority service, see at the bottom.

Don't be 'put off' by all the questions!
We list here a selection of several hundred but we have data on several thousand different boat classes; many of these have numerous variations that effect a boat's rating/handicap. It's often just the options/differences from the base class that we need to be told, as probably we know most of the main detail already.

Basic sail boat
please enter
in form below
 using metres
 or decimal feet
(not feet and inches)
 it just makes
 it simpler
 and quicker
 to process.

Your Email address:
Copy to: Email (if needed)
Owner Name:
Town, Postcode, Country:
Sailing Club/Area (if any):
Sailing Club website (if any):
Best web address for Boat Class detail/dimensions:
Boat Class/Type:
Boat Name:
Sail Letters / Numbers:
Build Year / Hull Series:
Units are measured in:
Boat Length (LOA):
Hull Length (HOA):
Waterline Length (LWL):
Boat Max.Beam:
Boat Max.Draft:
Lift Min.Draft in Notes below.

Boat Empty Displacement:
Boat Sailing Displacement:
Boat Hull is:
Hull Construction:
Weight of Internal Ballast: (describe in Notes )
Boat Keel(s):
Keel Material:
Keel/External ballast Weight:
Fuel Tank Capacity:
Hull fit out:
Rig Type:
Mast Material:
Air Draft: (Mast Height to DWL)
Fore Stay triangle I: (vertical from sheerline at mast)
Fore Stay triangle J: (stay to mast)
Head Sail K: (Luff Perpendicular)
Head Sail Luff length L: (sail: not forestay length)
Head Sail Furl/Reef:
Main Sail (mast band) P:
Main Sail (boom band) E:
Main Sail Battens/Roach:
Total sail area: exclude spinnaker:
Sail Material:
do ensure all are declared, use notes below if needed:
Symmetric spinnaker Area:
Asym/code sail or gennaker Area:
Asymmetric hoist:
Your Boat's handicap number: (and source):
Handicap needed for event or club/series
includes any extra sail detail/sizes etc.

If you have other information that could influence the boat's performance then just add it to the Notes section.
The boat's handicap is returned in an email along with all the data you provide, if a 'copy to' address is provided then the email is sent to both addresses. Presenting this email to a race organisor allows your boat's declared configuration to be clearly seen, many check this information for those who are race/prize winners and may penalise if incomplete/incorrect, so better to be safe than sorry ...

A number of race organisors/clubs prefer an email direct from ourselves to assure originality, just enter their email in the 'copy to' field; if you already have a rating/handicap email then just add any changed data plus answer additional questions. Renewal/confirmation emails along with a small contribution get priority treatment.
Clicking on the above 'Send Data' button submits your handicap request to our 'free list', after which, a confirmation page is shown which also provides you with the opportunity to make a donation. Please use PayPal and send several #s each to help us fund this work and to ensure that your request form is prioritised

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