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A) Introduction - Job Review descriptive.

I.Mech.E Professional Review Report:
Neil Thompson

A) Introduction - Review of jobs subsequent to training:

1) GEC Traction Ltd: Erection and Service Department.

1·1) Junior Erection Engineer

Sept 75 Assisted on evaluation and test program on Chopper Equipment 3902/3 (LTE Hainault Depot). Assisted Commissioning Engineer on LTE '73 Tube Stock (LTE Ruislip Depot).

1.2) Erection Engineer

Jan 76 Commissioning Engineer an LTE 73 Tube Stock with a graduate and two technical engineers assisting. (LTE Ruislip Depot)
May 76 Responsible for work on warranty and, service maintenance problems on LTE '73 tube stock electrical, equipment with two technical engineers assisting, (LTE Northfields Depot)
Jan 77 Responsible for setting up Commissioning procedures on Double End '73 Tube Stock with a graduate and two technical engineers assisting, (LTE Ruislip Depot)
Mar 77 Member of development and test team on LTE/GEC Experimental Tube Train chopper equipment. (GEC Preston Works test bed)
July 77 Acting Site engineer BREL York Works, involved in BR GNO and Taiwan Electrical Multiple Unit build with two technical engineers assisting.
Aug 77 Return to development and test team LTE/GEC ETT chopper equipment (GEC Preston Works test bed)
Nov 77 Member of team conducting type tests on Taiwan Electrical Multiple Units (BREL York Works)
Dec 77 Assisted Commissioning LTE/Westinghouse Experimental Tube Train (LTE Ruislip Depot)

1.3) Site Engineer Taiwan

Feb 78 Responsible at site for Erection, commissioning and service maintenance of a fleet of 20 locomotives and 13 Electrical Multiple Units, with 4 graduate and 1 technical engineers, 2 foreman and 13 shop staff assisting,

1·4) Site Manager Taiwan (upgrade of Site Engineer Post)

July 78 Duties as Site Engineer plus responsibility for executing underframe modification to enable return of locomotives to traffic and Electrical Multiple Unit coach anti-roll bar modification with 8 graduate and 2 technical engineers, 2 foreman and 18 shop staff,

2) GEC Traction Ltd: Manufacturing,

2.1) Project Manager Spares Manufacturing

Feb 79 Responsibility for the manufacture of Control Gear Spares at Trafford Park works. Included the setting up of a separate manufacturing facility for Spares isolated from the other product lines, and the introduction of computer techniques for Production Control and Planning activities. With assistance from 2 graduate, 2 technical and 6 production engineers, 2 computer operators, 2 clerical, 1 foreman and a charge hand, 6 inspectors, 14 shop staff and 3 apprentices.

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