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B2) Spares Manufacturing Project.

I.Mech.E Professional Review Report:
Neil Thompson

In February 79 I was appointed Project Manager Spares Manufacturing responsible to the Works Manager for the production of Control Gear spares at Trafford Park Works.

Spares are manufactured to order to cover the full range of Control Equipment supplied by the Traction Company over the last 40 years.

The policy of many of our Customers to extend the life of their vehicles or refurbish rather than replace stock has resulted in a substantial increase in the Trafford Park Spares load. This coupled with an increasing number of Customer complaints over deliveries necessitated a separate approach for Spares.

In order to respond to the increased market trend and improve service to Customer it was decided to organise a separate manufacturing facility for Spares.

Historically Spares orders were processes through the same production systems as 'main contract' orders, but the inherent detail of the Spares load had created major difficulties within the 'main contract' orientated manufacturing unit.

As a result of the proposals detailed in the expense orders figures 2 and 4, considerable re-organisation has taken place and Phase 1 is now operational. Facilities at present in the new Spares Manufacturing unit which occupies 'Q bay' an area of 30,000 sq.ft. on the Trafford Park site include:
- computer aided systems for production control and planning purposes, receiving, stores, sublet machining inspection, transport, assembly / fjtting, paint, final inspection and test.

Proposals for capital expenditure on the first stage of the Spares machining facility within the area specified are currently under consideration by senior management.

Spares Manufacturing at present employs a staff of 2 graduate 2 technical and 6 production engineers, 2 computer operators, 2 clerical, 1 foreman, 1 charge-hand 6 inspectors, 12 skilled, 2 semi-skilled and 3 apprentices.

During the last year I have acted as industrial tutor for a graduate on the Salford Teaching Company MSC course and for three student/graduates on the GEC Traction Ltd training scheme.

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