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B2) Spares Manufacturing Project.

I.Mech.E Professional Review Report:
Neil Thompson

2.1) The following photographs and extracts from expense orders ( re figures 1 to 5 are submitted to briefly illustrate the progress of the Spares Project.

GEC Traction Spares office

2.1.1) Computer aided production and preshop systems. (1980)
Refer Section 2.2 and fig 1 and 2 for details.


2.1.2) Shop floor equipment and layout.

Fig 3 shows existing facilities and the area allocated for the proposed machine shop. Phase (1) 'move to Q bay' as detailed on expense order fig 4 was undertaken in June 80. Phase (2) 'machine shop' has been divided into 2 stages. Expense order fig 5 covers the first stage. Phase (3) 'commercial office block' is not as yet the subject of an expense order.

ISCOR Loco tripple head test

(1) View of fitting area from office.

(2) View from receiving towards office block
(3) Stores and mechanical handling.
(4) Sublet machining inspection.
(5) Copper saw, drill and brazing area.

(Figs 1 to 5, Photos 2,3 4 and 5 not approved for inclusion)

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