Plan Description

Plan Description

The School Plan Management software has the Primary/Middle School Short Term Plan subjects pre-set and is Class/Group orientated with facilities to accommodate the subject specialist. Additional Secondary School subjects are accommodated by the eleven user subject tabs, all subject tabs and descriptions may be customised to suit an individual teacher and to reduce PC memory requirements also WordBase for those who use a table format.

In the Standard version data is divided into Long, Medium and Short Term Plan windows and the software has facilities for data transfer between sections and other text processors, spell checking, find and replace functions, plus Subject, Class/Group and Timetable reporting.

Extensive data is included in the Long and Medium Plan sections which is free for "demonstration, review and educational only purposes". Such as the National Curriculum and DfES schemes for Literacy, Numeracy, Science, ICT, D&T, Geography, History, Art, Music, PE, RE, and PSHE, etc. The Numeracy text is correlated into the prescribed units creating a scheme of work for all year groups, differentiation may be improved by including examples from other year group data.

Downloading Literacy and Numeracy data from long/medium term plans using the 'send' function assures that short term plans align to the national strategy and are accurate, omission free and include adequate detail, even for others to follow.

Data may be processed in four different orders. Auto duplication facilities are provided to ease the Plan/Evaluate /Re-Plan process, which can increment and align Plan No, Date, Teacher and Class data when re-using sample or a colleagues idea/plan that has proved to be particularly successful.

As the number of teachers involved increases so do the opportunities to share data. Perhaps the continual duplication of effort inherent within many a manual system could be avoided.

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