Data Security

Data security and Help files
To assure data integrity within the School Plan Management software, access to the application is via a ‘Teacher Name’ logon and password panel. Edit and delete facilities are only available if the Plan is ‘owned’ by the user, unless the application is accessed using the system administrator’s ‘logon’ name. All Plans may be viewed by authorised users. Passwords can be changed by the individual and new names can be issued by the system administrator.
There is no limit set in the program as to the number of ‘Teacher Names’ who can use the system. Context sensitive help is available via the function key F1 or general topics via Help|Overview menu selection. Contents, Index of keywords and Find word search options facilitate access to program function information. Tutorials with graphics are included to ease the program learning experience and demonstrate the novel features. Export and import functions enable easy transfer of data between computers, for example, home to school or school to home, or even between schools. (In the free Lite and Standard/trial versions password control is not operational.)

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