Auto and manual day am/pm selection options are provided along with absence selection categories, these may be customised by the 'system administrator' to align with your School/LEA requirements, the correlation between absence category and Authorised/Unauthorised count may also be amended by a separate window control. Meal preference selector is provided. Facilities to record pupil group 'All present' or 'All paid for meals' via one touch button is provided so only exceptions need entry. Edit List panel may be made visible to view 'All sessions' within the week or just the selected period, handy for back tracking when the parental letter arrives.. Import/Export facilities are provided to enable meal/present/absent data to be uploaded to a central machine or Preview and Print options may be used to advise status for all records or just those not present. The export/print actions are not necessary if networked. Analysis of Meal/Attendance records is available by selecting Windows/Pupil Data menu, how far back to analyse the data may be selected so any number of weeks/years may be included.