Attainment Target and Level Descriptions are provided per official guidelines for each subject, as and when necessary these records may be edited by the 'system administrator'. Pupil attainment may be recorded for each Attainment Target with Level and sub-Level/Grade fields, the appropriate attainment details auto select to assist. Fields for regular internal testing and external examination/grading are provided. A facility to enable review of previous attainment/test records is provided, however you can only edit your own assessments when logged on as a 'teacher'. Import/Export facilities are provided to enable data to be transferred/uploaded to a another/central machine, these data transfer facilities are not essential if you have a permanent network connection. Preview and Print options may be employed to review group achievement and, as appropriate, automated benchmarking to National statistics (including the new points calculation) and own school target data. A general pupil group Preview/Print option is provided to assist with school trip lists etc.