Facilitates the retention and organisation of all Pupil related information,including word processed and graphical, compressed in a database format using the DfES instructed Unique Pupil Number as the primary field. The application follows the principle concepts and requirements of the International Quality Standard ISO 9000.

Pupil Data may be accessed and viewed in five different orders, and has search facilities to locate entries on four fields, for example select search enter tho and a Pupil named Thompson may appear. Data may be viewed in Detail mode where information relating to only the selected pupil is available or in Browse mode where pupils are listed in the selected order. The Browse screen permits customised viewing with move and resize of data fields and is useful for example when reviewing Class or Year lists or selecting report output.

File functions include Import and Export features to enable data transfer from one computer to another (includes for distributed Network processing), the 'Edit record locking' feature is more relevant if your system is fully networked.

Printer setup, preview and print options are also provided.
Edit functions include Spell check, Find, Replace, Undo and block text select, cut, copy, paste. The latter facilitates interaction with another 'Windows' word processor or graphics package.
View options enable keystroke navigation and Window minimise, maximise and resize functions are supported.