To conserve time and paper a Preview option is provided, from this screen Printer settings may be adjusted prior to sending to a Printer, or reports may be saved to disc for distribution electronically. Reports saved to disk may be accessed by the Preview|Open|Load function. The Report window may be resized and has zoom to fit, zoom to width and 100% view options, and may be left visible for reference whilst focusing on another application window.

Pupil selection may be Current, Group or All. Group selection is made from the Browse screen, in one of the five selected orders, from the current record until for example change of Class or Year.

Data selection may include any permutation of the Data sections with multiple Pupils per page or New page per Pupil. For example selection of Detail would include Name, Class, Year, Ref No, pupil image etc, selection of Attendance would add attendance statistics and absence log for calculated period. First, Prior, Next and Last navigation controls are provided.

In the event that many pages of output are selected, you do not have to wait, pages may be selected whilst others are being created, say for example you selected the last page navigator button whilst report generation was in progress, the application would show the last page to be created, press again and a subsequent page would be shown, the progress bar and 'Page ? of ??' indicates when the task is complete.