Work Examples

Provision is made for retention of pupil work examples in graphical and/or text based formats, useful for example during inspection or parent evenings to provide objective evidence in support of assessment/grading.

Graphic features include 'Load from' and 'Save to' disk functions, which facilitate interaction with digital camera, scanner or other Windows graphic software. Graphical compression, convertion and incremental features are provided, plus view ratio, fit and stretch.

Entries are referenced by Class/set, Subject, Week and No providing virtually no restriction as to the number of entries per pupil, however such a large number of 24bit colour graphic files even with the high compression rates available would require quite large storage facilities on your computer and would become rather cumbersome. It would be more realistic to include poor,average and good examples for each pupil in each subject, or examples to show progression.

As computers continue to become faster with more capable disk storage then the software has the capacity and it would be appropriate to increase these expectations, perhaps up to every piece of work completed by the Pupil.