Will uninstal remove all files from my PC if I choose not to keep your program?

1) If the program has been installed from the installation CD then using the uninstall feature removes all files installed that can be safely removed. Also registry entries specific to program function are removed. 1.1) Certain application extension (dll) files, which may be locked by the operating system, are only deleted when your system is re-booted. Also if you have installed another of our applications that share these files they will not be removed. 1.2) Any individual file created by yourself in the BySchool directory will not be removed such as WordFile data eg byd, doc, rtf or html files. But please note, data you create within the database will be removed. 1.3) If it was necessary, during installation, to update a system application extension file on an early Windows95 system in line with MicroSoft's upgrade policy, then this upgraded dll will remain and your PC system and you will continue to benefit from the upgrade. Also if you subsequently install another application that uses an OCX provided by ourselves or the Borland Database then the other program's setup, in line with Windows standards, should mark the files in registry as shared and therefore our uninstall facility will not then removed these files.

2) If a downloaded self extracting file is used then files are extracted to your PC's designated temporary directory as per Windows standards. Usually named c:\windows\temp or c:\temp or in the case of XP pro (NT5) etc a much longer string. These files are sized to facilitate copy to floppy disks, after extraction is complete then the installation proceeds as per (1) above, these files are not removed by the uninstall feature. Any files created in your system's temp directory may be deleted without adverse affect on your PC, if your hard drive starts to have limited free space then your system should automatically ask if you want to delete files from your Temp directory as well as your recycle bin. Usually you would respond Yes without any functional concerns.

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