I get a BDE exeption error after starting your program...?

1) Most setup problems are a result of registry errors/corruption and hard drive file allocation table (FAT) errors. These can prevent BDE and application extension (dll) file registration which will cause an exception error in our program (there are too many possible failure modes to account for all circumstances) the following may help.

1.1) Running your system 'ScanDisk' program from 'System Tools' will correct any FAT errors.

1.2) Using the 'Register Checker' and 'System File Checker' from the Tool menu of Microsoft's System Information program in 'System Tools' can assure/correct errors and corrupt system files.

1.3) To confirm BDE functions and help with configuration the 'BDE Administrator' is installed in your PC's 'Control Panel', the Database list must include Splan and Local.

1.4) If problems persist with your PC's configuration then contact support by email or phone, more detail in the help files.

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