Application Overview

School Plan Management (Plan4Me) facilitates the creation, modification, retrieval and presentation of word processed and graphical school planning documentation in a compressed database format, which follows the principle concepts and requirements for BS EN ISO9000 Quality system compliance.

Data compression is used to enable a significant amount of information to be retained and accessed quickly, including the updated complete schemes of work with graphics for all subjects and the full National Curriculum. The record sorting, export and import facilities enable document groups to be selected and transferred between PC's to facilitate home working.
STplans exported to floppy disk on your school system may be Imported, modified and printed using the FREE version on another/home based PC.

There is no program restriction as to the number of documents retained nor the number of user names.

Revised software and Plan data (including updated schemes of work) may be downloaded FREE from web site. Using Preview, previously saved school Plans/graphics/reports may be loaded, viewed and printed by all versions including the FREE version.

Pupil records, including attainment and attendance, are integrated within the extended version of the program with report and benchmark data being created and compared automatically to national tables.

Conceptual design is by Teachers for the Teacher and aims at being user friendly, however, a teacher's duties are not simple and so during normal program operation context sensitive help is available by pressing the function key F1. The Search for Help on ... option in the Help menu enables keywords and individual words to be found within the support documentation.

School Plan Management features are available via three programs, Plan4MeLite, Plan4Me and Plan4MeFull. There are a number of version categories which provide progressive functionality when using these programs.

WordFile4Me, the word processor with nine different stages/faces to simplify pupil instuction, along with the Thesaurus/Dictionary are integrated within all three programs, with WordBase being included from the Plan4Me.
Plan data is divided into Long, Medium and Short Term Plan screens with 'send' facilities for data transfer, plus auto duplication facilities to ease the Plan/Evaluate/Re-Plan process and therefore obviate the need to rewrite or type copy from government/published data.
Scheme Graphics are auto accessed from plan documents when using the Presentation Manager.

For security and data integrity reasons registered access to the program is via a Password panel. Edit/delete facilities are only available if the Plan Teacher field and user name are identical, unless program accessed using the system administrator's 'Teacher Name'. Names and passwords are created initially during Registration but thereafter passwords can be changed by the individual and new 'Teacher Names' can be issued by the system administrator. There is no limit set in the program as to the number of Teachers who can use the system.

When the Logon procedure is completed, initially the Short Term Plan window is visible and access to the other windows, for example, Medium Term Plan, Long Term Plan, WordBase, and WordFile is via window menu selection or by use of the Next button. Subsequent use returns to the window in view when the program was last closed.

For details on Plan4Me and its uses, click the underlined text or the Index or Contents button of this 'Help' window and browse or search for the subject you are interested in.

For assistance see Getting Started, Basic Controls, and Tutorials. If entering your own reference documents then an understanding of Primary Keys and how to avoid key violation may help.

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