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Finish Word - Spell Check Word

With WordBase or any document window active - the following uses WordFile at stage 8, Click on a word (Read - in this case), then right click to show pop-up menu, then select the option Finsh Word; the selected Custom and Main Dictionary are used to create the pop-up list of words shown screen left (English used but could be any foriegn dictionary):-

Right click to show pop-up menu, then select Check Word; a pop-up display shows adjacent to the selected word, indicating that word has been found in the selected Custom or Main Dictionary, else a list of suggested words are displayed.


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Sample Documents

If registered Logon to the program using the system administrator's User Name.

with WordBase screen visible:-

As an introduction see Basic Operations or
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Using the Speak Facility

The Speak Text command is located in the Edit Menu and on the ToolBar of program stages 1,2 and 3.

Select the command to hear the words included in the document, or included in the WordBank of stages 2 and 3, which have an associated sound file in the local directory. Simply, the function reads a word and plays the sound file with the same name as the word, eg abacus.wav

The Sound Control and Sound Record options are provided to facilitate the creation of word sound files and are available in the menu at program stages 6 to 9.

See Note and then perform the following functions:-


When recording word sounds the inflections and the tone of voice have an effect on the resulting spoken text and care should be exercised not to make robotic type speech, if at all possible.

This novel and very simple method of producing speech covers the required areas of the National Curriculum without undue complication and expense, plus it generates an air of fun in the classroom. We all learn best when having fun, so it's worth a bit of teacher embarassment!?!! to cover these skills.

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Using WordBanks

The Talking WordBank is located on the right of the main window in program stages 2 and 3 and the Drop Down WordBank is located on the Paragraph bar in stages 4 to 7.

The word bank is loaded from the working directory and are different text files for each stage. The design concept is such that each can be edited by the teacher to include words appropriate to the topic and attainment level of the pupils with differentiation being provided by having the capability of using a different word list at a different stage. Using a customised shortcut with the 'start in' directory, eg the working directory, being different for each teacher increases the permutations available and also readily accomodates when year 1 following year 6 into the School computer suit.

The wordbank text file Wordbank2.txt is loaded at stage 2, Wordbank3.txt is loaded at stage 3 and so on...

See Note and then perform the following steps:-

At stages 4 to 7 Double click on the Drop Down WordBank box to open the add word dialogue, type your Word to add to the list and then select OK, note that the words are sorted into alphabetical order.


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