Standard Operation

Standard Operation - Introduction

If registered then when Import completed, exit program (Alt F + X), and logon using your name (ie Mrs Teacher) and password if you wish to prevent any inadvertent edits or deletions. The system permits edit and deletion of your plans only,unless logged on as the system administrator.

If using the FREE Lite version then select File + Save to update data files (restarting the program does the same job)

To create your own document record, select an example, then select menu Edit + Insert for option to Copy current record. Refer to tutorial for graphic and step by step instruction.

Text can be selected by the usual Windows methods ie click and move mouse or hold down shift key whilst pressing down, right arrow, end key etc. Once selected block text functions are operational.

Use the mouse to click on the area you wish to edit or select, you can use a combination of the Alt key plus underlined letter for menu commands and the tab key to move between fields.

Insert disc in 'floppy' disc drive A: to Import another user's data, if registered Logon to the program using the system administrator's User Name first, also please use Export function to drive C: or A: for Backup and transfer of data to another machine.

If the detail control scrolls up when full, it can be returned using up arrow key etc. or by the scroll bar on right of screen

The print preview, particularly useful when using continuous view mode includes all text on the Preview window .

The Browse facility enables the headings of multiple records to be viewed on screen.

The date is entered automatically when data is changed.

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To access the Document Management application:-


The Password panel is selected via the Utilities Menu.

Stage Selector

The Stage selector may be hidden by using the Pupil button in the 'More Information, section of the About panel.

To show the Stage selector -

To hide the Stage selector:-


Tip of the Day

Use these buttons to see more tips, hints, brief advice and guidance as to what you can do:-

{bmc p_first.BMP} - First Tip - the beginning of the list.

{bmc p_prior.BMP} - Prior Tip - the tip before the one you can see.

{bmc p_next.BMP} - Next Tip - the tip after the one you can see.

{bmc p_last.BMP} - Last Tip - the end of the list.

Edit Tip Number to jump to a specific entry.

When you have finished reading use the button

{button Close ,CloseWindow(Main)} - Close Window - to return to your document

use the button

{button X ,CloseWindow(Main)} - to close this Help window, also at window top right

The Tip of the Day window can be selected from the Help Menu or it shows automatically at program startup.



Refer to Tips Setup for technical help.

Search for Help on . . .

Shows the Help dialogue panel which contains tabs for:-

Primary Key Violation

Press the 'Esc' key to cancel, or change data in Primary Key.


All files installed by SETUP can be removed by using Windows 'Add/Remove Program' facility located in the 'Settings' + 'Control Panel' folder.

Any remaining files created by the application in the 'c:\BySchool' directory, ie includes data files, may be deleted without any adverse effect on your computer system.


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