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File menu - Overview

The following items are available:-


Located in File menu, creates a New blank untitled document.


Located in File menu, toggles between Browse and Detail mode


Located in File menu or as a button on the Toolbar or by using the shortcut keystrokes Ctrl+S or after a time period the Save reminder.

Saves/Posts any WordBase edit changes to your hard disk (hardsave). If your system is susceptable to operating system 'hangup' due to memory swap activity, print driver or other non compatability issues then 'hardsave' prior to Preview and Print or similar system request.

If your system is 'stable' then the automatic 'softsave' or selecting the 'tick' Icon button which also initiates a softsave, is all that should be required.

Send to WordFile

Opens a WordFile document containing a copy of the current database record.


Located in File menu.

Used to import sample data, restore from a 'backup' disk and facilitates transfer of data between computers, ie home to office/school or office/school to home.

With focus on the WordBase window, documents are imported from 'floppy' drive A: to the database. Import data has to have been previously created using the Export option.

If no disk in the A: drive then 'Select Directory' dialogue is shown which also enables other/network drives to be selected. Double click on C:\ for 'backup' files created using the Export option, then select OK. The 'Files' window is purely for information, file selection is automatic.

There are two options to chose from:-


Located in File menu.

Used to create a 'backup' disk and facilitates transfer of documents between computers, ie home to office/school or office/school to home, when used with Import. The facility provides a distributed computing system which can operate within or out of office/school enabling documents to be correllated on a single PC.

With focus on WordBase, data is copied from the database to 'floppy' drive A:. The disc inserted in drive A: may be any PC formatted 'floppy' disc.

There are two options to chose from:-

If the application presents a write error message or does not confirm that documents are transferred, then check to see if the 'Windows Explore' program can read the disc. If it requires to be formatted an appropriate prompt is shown.

After making the above selection six further options are available:-

To file on A: drive

To file on C: drive or network drive

Located in File menu, enables your Printer Setup details and appropriate Properties to be modified prior to creating printer output.

Located in File menu, the Print Preview option shows the Preview Window which enables document layout to be viewed prior to committing the document to Print.

Located in File menu, Print submits the selected document to the 'default printer' as defined within your operating system.

Located in File menu. Closes all windows and Exits the application.

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