Insert Menu

Insert menu - Overview

The following items are available:-

Insert Record - Copy Record

Located in Insert menu.

To facilitate record/document creation:-

Insert Date - Calendar Function

Located in the Insert Menu:-

Insert Date

Insert Page Break - Starts the next section on the next page.

Insert Column is located in Insert menu and has a choice of 2 to 6 to enable text to be formatted similar to that of a newspaper.

Insert Link Marker is located in the Insert menu and is used for

Insert - Overview

Located in the Insert menu with the following options:-

Insert Picture

Located in the Insert + Media menu and as a button on the Toolbar select Picture to show the Insert Image window.

Insert Sound

Located in the Insert + Media menu and as a button on the Toolbar select Sound to show the Embed Sound window then Insert an existing File or a Newly Recorded sound.

Insert Video

Located in the Insert + Media menu and as a button on the Toolbar select Video to show the Link Video window.

Insert Object - Overview

Located on the Insert menu and has options to allow an object to:-

Selecting one of the above options enables an object to be inserted (please be patient, reading your PC's registry and resolving the references can take some time) and shows the Insert Object dialogue panel:-

When finished creating the object, click outside the object to focus control on your document.

Insert Table shows a dialogue box to enable the number of Columns and Rows to be chosen by click on the respective box down arrow, alternatively a number may be typed into each box. Select OK to complete the Insert Table function. The Format Table menu option is available when caret is within the Table.

Insert Text File

Located in the Insert menu, activates the Insert Text dialogue.

More Help - available within the dialogue by clicking on the ? button then clicking on the item.

Load a document - just click on the file and then Open button.

Change Drive or directory - If the file is not shown then:-

Stage 5 and above - if the file is not a WordFile document click the 'Files of type' down arrow to select other file types (Rich Text, Plain Text, Website formats and All files *.* ) to convert and Insert.

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