Utilities, Window and Help Menus

Utilities menu - Overview

The Menu is available at stage 6 and above. The options are:-

Note:- If any of the above returns a message "Unable to initiate program" then refer to Configure Tools.

Window menu - Overview

The following sections are available:-

Help menu

The following sections are available in the 'Help menu':-

Plan4ME related Web - help Links

The Web - ByronSoftware option is selected via the Help Menu and loads your registered Messaging or Browser program to enable you to go online to the World Wide Web and send email or view the websites relevant to the application. The following do the same:-

Note -


The About panel is selected via the Help Menu, it shows details of:-

If Beep is checked then when the About panel or the File Save prompt shows - a sound is made to attract the users attention.

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