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Plan4ME-Lite Download Assistance

1) The SETUP program installs the application as per Windows standards, Win95 is the minimum operating system, the program has been verified with most Win32 systems including XP.

2) If using a downloaded self extracting zip file(s), then Run/Open and select the Extract button, the SETUP.exe program starts automatically when the file extraction process is completed.
Follow the SETUP.exe prompts to complete the Installation. To run the application just select the Program Icon on the Desktop or from the Start + Programs + School Management menu.

3) The Installation files are sized to suit use with floppy disks. These are contained, to facilitate download from the web, in self extracting zip file(s).

3.1) If you have downloaded multiple install files then simply Open/Run to expand and copy to the respective floppy disk.

3.2) If you have downloaded the single install file then Open/Run it, the default temporary directory eg c:\Windows\temp or a much longer name with NT5 and XP is quoted as the 'Extract to:' directory, change this to a: to extract direct to a floppy.
Note: ensure only the files required are selected ie Disk2.ID and _SETUP.2 extracted to floppy disk 2, then similarly for the other floppy disks, with all remaining files copied to floppy disk 1 to complete the set.

4) If the installation program encounters 'unusual/unexpected circumstances' then conflicts are not resolved by overwriting registry entries and thus making another program malfunction, we prefer safety first and therefore our application may fail when opened in such an event. Refer first to ????link if difficulties are encountered.

5) The Icons in the Program Group are provided for convenience, it's easier to delete an unwanted icon rather than have to create one.

5.1) If you want to prevent ready access to the UnInstall Icon then just delete it. You can still completely remove All files installed by SETUP by using Windows' 'Add/Remove Program' facility located in the 'Settings' + 'Control Panel' folder.

5.2) Access to the Help files is available from within the program, in fact context sensitive help is available by using the F1 key.

5.3) We think it's best that School PC's are 'uncluttered' so it is suggested that all unnecessary icons/groups be deleted, however it is prudent to leave one to start the program!

5.3) Any files created in your system's temp directory may be deleted without adverse affect on your PC.

6) The SETUP program can repair a damaged installation, update files with earlier version numbers and/or, as appropriate, replace files.

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