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Download Plan4Me Standard Setup (Trial version including scheme data) to see just how easy it can be to produce lesson plans from established UK schemes, or Download Plan4Me - Lite Setup (Free version) and Schemes / Plan import data along with Schemes of Work (preformatted) to use weekly plan facilities for Free.

To download the complete application setup, or at a later stage update your system to include improvements /minor revisions, just select the appropriate link below.

Update modifications:-
Version 4.55 is FREE to Plan4Me registered users. Users of previous Plan4Me versions should backup their personal data using the Export facility; un-install the earlier application and then reboot the PC prior to installing the latest application and data. Then Import your personal data into the new version. The import data is compatible with the version 4.54 program, however, it is recommended that Program v4.55 is used with the new dual processor PC's and by all who wish to keep upto date and benefit from program improvements. 

The Graphics import data is for Plan4Me registered users, please note these files do not work with the Lite version. The files are organised in subject and year group order to facilitate download as some of these, particularly the Graphics files, are rather large. Acess to this area is now restricted to registered users by password. To benefit from all the DfES/QCA data 'Unzip' a 'plan import' file to a suitable directory and 'Import' to Plan4Me, then repeat as necessary for other downloaded data/subject transfer files.

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