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Pupil Report Writer (2010)
Pupil Report Management (Report4Me) facilitates the creation, modification, retrieval and presentation of word processed, Pupil Report documentation in a compressed database format.
Data compression enables a significant amount of information to be retained and accessed quickly without any program restriction as to the number of reports nor the number of user names.

The comment banks have in excess of 26,000 statements covering all prescribed subjects of a pupil's education from reception, through primary, to year 10 at secondary school; also headteacher statements.
These images from 2003 show just how established our format  has become, but the comment banks  and other data are updated regularly, including the latest government directives and 2010 wording.
It only takes a few seconds per pupil-subject to automatically create a concise description in line with current terminology from their attainment target level, assessment, test and exam records; and/or customised statement banks and direct input.

However, in reality reading and making the odd change plus a final personal statement turns the seconds into a few minutes.
The principal is that it's less time consuming for a teacher to delete unwanted data and/or customise text rather than having to write reports from scratch.
Text may be modified, spell checked and the printed output formated to create a consistent school standard completely from within the application. 

Selected Student Reports may be Exported to a removable disk drive ( such as usb stick / drive ) then Imported to the School PC in order to enable Reports to be merged and printed with a different teacher for each subject.
The use of computer techniques is often more precise and reduces the potential for error, including those due to 'burning the midnight oil'. If necessary use a handwritting font to match up with other teacher's manual reports, there's a better range of fonts available from XP plus systems.

Early generation Report Writers failed to produce readable results, checkout the 'readability' of our automated reports before dissmissing the concept, it could help save your sanity.
There are eleven 'User defined' subject headings to help Secondary Schools as well as the twelve traditional subjects in Primary, also PSHCEE and Head's comments.
Parental feedback can also be accomodated, useful for those parent evenings. 
The on-screen and printed subject descriptions can be customised, also those not being used can be removed from view. The order in which subjects appear in the printed document can be chosen to suit your School's reporting tradition.

Reports can be accomodated for each pupil per subject per week, however most schools just want to improve the way they do those dreaded annual pupil reports.

For security and data integrity reasons access to the program is via a Password panel. Edit/delete facilities are only available if the Report Teacher field and user name are identical, unless program accessed using the system administrator's 'Teacher Name'.
Names and passwords are created initially during Registration but thereafter the individual can change their password and the system administrator can issue new 'Teacher Names'.

The design includes a number of novel concepts and is focused on reducing the Teacher's burden.

It facilitates a 'distributed processing' approach with 'data merge' features where Pupil groups and pupil data, including photo, may be created on the school system and Imported to a home PC;

Plus an advanced dictionary and thesaurus, spell checking and the word finish function.

Printed pupil reports may be created for an individual subject and/or for all subjects, even when created by different Teachers in different Classes or Sets, also Headteacher comments may be added and parental slips may be produced.
Subject headings with space for handwritten comments can also be accommodated if necessary.
If report data does not exist then the section is not created, thus there is no limit to subject permutations.
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