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Report4Me Download Assistance

1) The SETUP program installs the application as per Windows standards, Win98SE is the recommended minimum operating system, the program has been verified with most Win32 systems including XP, Vista and Windows 7 with Duo processor technology.

To run the application just select the Program Icon on the Desktop or from the Start + Programs + School Management menu.

1.1) If the installation program encounters 'unusual/unexpected circumstances' then conflicts are not resolved by overwriting registry entries and thus making another program malfunction, we prefer safety first and therefore our application may fail when opened in such an event. Refer first to 5 below if difficulties are encountered.

2) The Icons in the Program Group are provided for convenience, it's easier to delete an unwanted icon rather than have to create one.

2.1) If you want to prevent ready access to the UnInstall Icon then just delete it. You can still completely remove All files installed by SETUP by using Windows' 'Add/Remove Program' facility located in the 'Settings' + 'Control Panel' folder.

2.2) Access to the Help files is available from within the program, in fact context sensitive help is available by using the F1 key.

2.3) We think it's best that School PC's are 'uncluttered' so it is suggested that all unnecessary icons/groups be deleted, however it is prudent to leave one to start the program!

3) The Installation program can be used as downloaded or saved and used from a usb stick or a CD.  Just Open/Run the Install program and follow the prompts.

4) The SETUP program can repair a damaged installation, update files with earlier version numbers and/or, as appropriate, replace files.

4.1) If you are updating from a previous version of Report4Me then it is not strictly necessary to uninstall prior to installing this version. The UnInstall facility will then only remove files installed with the latter installation. Export your data for backup first to a local or removable disk, to be totally on the safe side.

4.2) If you have also ReportMe-Lite installed then you will need to download/update the program to version 4.55 to have continued function with the updated files.

4.3) The setup program installs the latest stable version (5.11) of Borland's Database Engine (BDE) along with application files to enable data share over a Local Area Network (LAN).

4.3.1) If you already have a BDE version installed it's location will be maintained (and files updated to 5.11 but the Network shared data and record locking facilities of Report4Me may not be available (it depends on initial settings by the third party instal program) also . To solve, uninstall application(s) then re-install Report4Me first, followed by other title(s), if the other program(s) use similar features then a common directory will  be used as per Windows recomendations.

4.3.2) Any future BDE version update from Borland or any Developer using a certified setup program will automatically recognise the installed location.

5) Most setup problems are a result of registry errors/corruption and hard drive file allocation table (FAT) errors. These can prevent BDE and application extension (dll) file registration which will cause an exception error in our program (there are too many possible failure modes to account for all circumstances) the following may help.

5.1) Running your system 'ScanDisk' program from 'System Tools' will correct any FAT errors, in XP it's called 'Error Checking' in the Tools section of the Properties dialogue - right click on C: drive when using Windows Explorer.

5.2) Using the 'Register Checker' and 'System File Checker' from the Tool menu of Microsoft's System Information program in 'System Tools' on Win98 can assure/correct errors and corrupt system files. On XP, Help and Support + Tasks are useful for solving disk and sytem errors.

5.3) To confirm BDE functions and help with configuration the 'BDE Administrator' is installed in your PC's 'Control Panel', the Database list must include Splan, SRep and SLocal.

5.4) PLEASE NOTE:- When using uninstall certain application extension (dll) files, which may be locked by the operating system, are only deleted when your system is re-booted.

5.5) If problems persist with your PC's configuration then refer to our website's technical help pages ( or contact support by email or phone, more detail in the help files.

6) Later System News

6.1) On the Windows 7 versions (such as Professional, Ultimate and 64bit) some users have reported an error when entering registration codes. Administrator privileges are needed to make the registration changes, the program can then be restarted with ordinary user privileges.

6.2) You could check the web site also for general description, free downloads, including more 'Modern Language' Dictionaries, other products and upgrades.

6.3) PC's fitted with the Duo processor technology do cause many common applications to create error messages, unless they have been specifically updated to handle the latest features, of course you can use the compatibility mode on XP, Vista and Windows 7 but this doesn't solve all the problems. 

Earlier versions of our application did have problems with certain features, but ALL are now fixed, even the multi thread timing gliche, thanks for those teacher users who provided error reports and assisstance.. 

6.4) If your operating system shows errors when using our application then please send some feedback, we can't cure anything if we don't know about it!. Thanks.



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