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Pupil Report Management Software
Report4Me: Versions and Prices.

A PC with a 32bit operating system capability is required, Win 98SE is the recommended minimum, an NT system is fine, a Vista or XP operating system is recommended, Win 7 also appears to work fine.

The fully functioning trial software is free to download from the web.  Prices are all inclusive, Multiple license/volume discounts, GBP and USD prices are available.

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Lite Version:- 
Includes Report generation from comment banks/customised statements and direct input/edit with spell check, word finish and thesaurus/dictionary features. Logon/secure facilities for different 'Teacher Name' and password are provided with Import/Export to enable School generated pupil groups, data and reports to be worked on at home.

Single license £10.

Standard Version:- 
Includes all of the features of the Lite versions plus integrated pupil attainment with individual and class/group report generation features, the National Curiculum level descriptions automatically appear whilst editing each pupil's attainment target level. Achievement and comment edit facilities are activated, also Report format customisation and preview features plus Data base verification and rebuild facility.

Single license £15.

Full Version:-  
Includes all of the features of the Standard versions plus Pupil Data which covers pupil personal details & Unique Pupil Numbers, attainment/attendance, retention for examples of each pupil's text/graphical work, emergency, medical, general details, and has data edit/security arrangements with an auditable trail.
Pupil group select and transfer feature to enter different pupil lists into the appropriate set/class/group of the Report Writer to facilitate class/set/report management.
A fully customisable Pupil text import/export facility to transfer pupil information from other information systems or programs which obviates the need to re-type pupil names, date of birth, class (all text fields are supported).

Single license £20.

Site Network Version:-  
Available for Lite, Standard and Full versions.
The software has no restriction on the number of concurrent users.
Price is single version multiplied by five. 

Download FREE from the internet.

The ability for the user to quickly upgrade the application to a higher version is an attribute of the software/system architecture. This facilitates the introduction of program features as you become more familiar with the software and as needed within your school. Codes/information to upgrade sent usually by email.
Price is new version minus current version plus £5 administration.

Support / Training:-  
Competitive rates for on site systems, technical, training etc. can be offered. 
Also a confidential service to assist with data conversion to and from the application can be provided. 
(Schools' that use our services, to prepare/import pupil data and create all the class teacher grouping etc, do tend to find the move to a computerised pupil reporting system much easier. )
If your data needs to be converted into a special format for your LEA and you are having difficulty with using our ascii text/csv exporter, or if you decide to change to another system, we can help. Standard rates apply there is no premium charged, it's your data, so retyping is never necessary.

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