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Staged Word Processor ( WordFile4Me )  (Free / no-ads version)
Has nine different stages/faces to simplify pupil instruction. At stage one only four large buttons are visible including 'speak', stage two includes a talking word bank facility, features are introduced progressively. At stage eight the program includes object, picture, column and table functions, can Open/Convert most popular Word processor formats (.doc) and web documents (htm and html), and Writes standard rich text, basic document and web files (rtf, doc and htm); the wordbank is replaced with the Thesaurus/Dictionary.

Thesaurus/Dictionary ( TheDict4Me ) (Free / no-ads version)
Fully descriptive dictionary designed for educational use with full search capabilities; also crossword puzzle help when some letters are not kown.

Incorporating Princeton's data provides the student/post graduate with a reference/research tool which is far superior to that provided in most of the 'popular' word processors:-
Search for Synonyms, Antonyms, Coordinate Terms, Hypernyms, Hyponyms (including Hyponyms tree search) and Familiarity for All word types.
For Nouns search can seperate Holonyms All and Holonyms part, member and substance individually; Meronyms All and Meronyms part, member and substance individually.
For verbs search can find Cause to relations, Entailment relations and Sentence Frames.
For Adjectives search adds Pertainyms and Adj<=>Noun attributes.
For Adverbs search adds Pertainyms.

School Plan Management (Free version: upgrades from £20)
An integrated solution to reduce the bureaucratic burden, save teacher hours and improve your school's efficiency. Includes free data for short, medium and long term plans, and facilitates retention of attendance, attainment and assessment records along with Pupil data.

Downloading full Literacy and Numeracy text data from long/medium term plans assures that short term plans align to the national strategy and are accurate, omission free and include adequate detail, even for others to follow. "Using the latest technology enables us to concentrate in the classroom on 'teaching the children', thus reducing our stress level".
As the number of teachers involved increases so do the opportunities to share data. Perhaps the continual duplication of effort inherent within many a manual system could be avoided.
"Including all the DfES scheme of work plans makes the job even easier".

Pupil Report Management (Priced from £50)
Automatic School Report generation from pupil attainment, assessment and exam results, customised statements and direct input/edit.

"It only takes a few seconds per pupil-subject to create a concise description in line with DfEE terminology, however in reality reading and making the odd change plus a final personal statement turns the seconds into a few minutes".
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