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WordFile4Me stage8

WordFile4Me - Stage 8
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At this stage the program operates as a Multi Document Interface which includes object, picture, column and table functions, can Open/Convert most popular Word processor formats (.doc) and web documents (htm and html), and Writes standard rich text, basic document and web files (rtf, doc and htm); also any text convertors installed and registered by other programs (per 'Windows' standards) are included for convertion purposes. 
Text font and colour choices are no longer restricted and the wordbank is replaced with the Thesaurus/Dictionary (which requires a separate download and installation).
The 'word finish' and 'spell check' functions can use a range of Main Dictionary files which include foriegn languages but also you can use your own 'word list' as the Main dictionary in addition to the usual Custom dictionary; this simple novel feature produces a significant performance advantage over that used in most popular word processors.
Stage 9 enables multi layered 'form mode' documents to be created, for example pupils complete worksheets/tests in data boxes over a master document with provision to save all or only their answers.
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