Free and Lite versions

School Plan Management Software
Lite version:- FREE
Includes:- Short Term planning with import, spell checking, clipboard, find & replace functions, preview and print facilities to enable 'local' weekly plans, with timetable data, to be created using data transferred from School system, the DfES web site and Scheme of Work documents ie includes Numeracy schemes in weekly units in preview document form.
Also integrates WordFile within the program to facilitate worksheet and standard document creation, preview and printing. If you are constrained by University, School or other authority to use a particular landscape table/page layout for Short Term Plan summary then you can Open/Covert the Word table/column form document and still use and take advantage of Plan4ME features to reduce the bureaucratic burden. The program also provides access to an advanced Thesaurus/Dictionary complete with multi-sense word definitons.
After 60 days a nag screen will show at 15 minute intervals to try and persuade you to register for the upgrade. If you don't upgrade only access to the Thesaurus/Dictionary (which requires a seperate download) becomes inoperative and the nag increases to a maximum of 10 minutes after 120 days. Plan4ME Lite does NOT lose any functionality and your work is always accessible, private individual users may regard the program as Freeware, others should register.
Download and Order Links Registration is an Issue of Conscience fee £20
Multiple license/volume discounts/USD prices are available.
If you are a private user and don't think the program is worth it or you can't afford the cost then don't register, however registering for the upgrade does activate the export, rebuild, teacher name, Thesarus/Dictionary and password facilities plus output includes your School name and the nag function is stopped. Logon facilities enable different 'TeacherName' and passwords and the data base verification and rebuild facility is used to recover data in the event of any operating system hang/disk read/write error.
Have you considered an upgrade to the Standard version or trying Pupil Report Management?

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