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FREE Scheme of Work Units

The Schemes of Work for Primary, Middle and Secondary Schools have been created using our School Plan Management - Plan4Me application. They include full text and examples from the DfES and QCA and follow their recommendations precisely. The data is organised into weekly/sequential units (particularly advantageous for the Numeracy and Literacy Strategies)

Our Free Document Reader can display and print these units.
Whilst some documents do appear 'a bit dated now', many consider the content to be just as relevant as when the DfES/QCA strategy was first introduced. We are advised that in many cases it's just the weekly presentational order that has changed.
Our aim is to help teachers to reduce the bureaucratic burden;
these Schemes of Work can also assist parents and/or other educators.
The product and data is either © ByronSoftware or © Crown copyright and reproduced under the terms of HMSO Guidance Note 8. Extracts may be reproduced for the purpose of research, private study, criticism or review, or by educational institutions solely for educational purposes.


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