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BySchoolThe Document Reader program can display and print pages created using our School Plan Management - Plan4Me application, which includes our web listed Free Schemes of Work for Primary, Middle and Secondary aged pupils.

For example: Numeracy Unit "Money and Real Life Problems".

Numeracy Unit

Frequent questions:-

"we are working directly from your Numeracy units in the classroom and have just received a most favourable report from the school inspectorate, they have suggested we should pass on the scheme to other schools in our area, is that OK?"
Yes - you may print/photocopy and distribute the documents to other schools. We are aware that some providers attach a significant charge for hardcopy of the data in unit form and prohibit photocopying. We provide the data without such restrictions, in order to demonstrate the scope of our Plan4Me application. Plus we may just 'help out' a few of our teacher colleagues and thus make a useful contribution to a number of children's education.
"my son cannot do these maths examples and he says he's never been taught how to, are you sure it's intended for his age range?"
"how do I help my son's progress at home without causing him confusion"
If you want to know what the uk government recommended your child's school should be teaching and what his expected level of achievement should be, or you wish to aid your child's progress but are unsure how to proceed, then using the DfES and QCA Schemes of Work is the answer.
Parents contributing to their child's education, at home, using the same methods/material as that recommended to be used in class can be one of the most significant factors that can influence a childs future.

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